Sunday, 26 February 2012

Difference a display home makes...

When going through the PD access range, looked at the Randwick plans. Even though not entirely happy with our visualisation of the plans and having heard PD being a expensive builder, we had our reservations as to whether we should check it out. 

Finally decided there is no harm in checking it out, and since there was a display home in selendra rise which was close to us, we decided to have a look as to how the home looks.

To be honest, the display home blew us out. We are not talking about the upgrades what they do to make the house beautiful, the open plan living and easy access to the rooms which we could never have visualised.

Now we need to decide between the henley home which we have only visualised and a display home which we like. Its back to the drawing board again. Time to see a PD consultant. Also at the back of my mind is the PD homes/upgrades expensive? Worth it? Will it fit my budget? 

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