Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Henley Experience

Went to the display homes in Lyndhurst, spoke to one of the sales consultant.  One thing that became evident immediately is the consultant i spoke to was arrogant in nature and certainly not helpful. There was no houses built for display in breakthrough series which was a bummer as its hard to visualise everything from the drawing.After pondering with my wife and trying to visualise most of the plans from the drawings we decided to go ahead with them even though the consultant was not up to the expectations.

Paid a deposit of 850 and booked in the house.

Now its time to visit the Cosham interiors for having a look at the range and see what options we had for our build. The people over there were helpful and knew what they were talking and had a price for all the upgrades we might end up doing. 

Tried to communicate with the consultant for the options list and made no progress as he was not helpful in any way.

At this point of time, fed up with the consultant thought of looking at other builders for a plan which we might like...  

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